It's going to be a wet week in southeastern Saskatchewan.

Environment Canada is forecasting rain for the Estevan area on both Thursday and Friday, with even more precipitation possible for Saturday as well.

It's the latest fallout from yet another Colorado low that has made its way to the region, with as much as 50 millimetres of rain possible.

"Looks like the bulk of the rain will likely fall Thursday night overnight into Friday through Friday morning," said Environment Canada meteorologist Terri Lang. "We're also going to have some gusty winds with that as well."

Although the weather models vary, Lang said that the southeast will likely get at least 25 millimetres of rain. She said it's been an unusually wet spring with all of the snow storms and now the rainfall.

"It's pretty atypical. We usually just see maybe a few, one or two, particularly in the spring time. But just the way the weather pattern is...we've been getting system after system after system, so it's certainly atypical," she said. 

She added that the wet weather will actually be a welcome change for parts of the province, including central areas of southern Saskatchewan, which have been relatively dry all spring.

"So it's actually a good news story for those areas just because they have been relatively dry and are needing the moisture, so we're hoping that that pattern sort of continues and that it doesn't take a shift more to the east," Lang said. "If the pattern does shift more to the east then it's going to be more wet over the already wet areas. We want it shifted farther west where the rain is very much needed."

Lang said wind gusts on Friday could reach 80 kilometres per hour.