Stormy weather rolled through Weyburn and other parts of the southeast on Friday for a short period of time.  

Weyburn received 16.5 millimetres of rain, and Estevan saw 24.2 millimetres.  

“For severe thunderstorms in particular, we use a 15 millimetre threshold,” said Danielle Desjardins, meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada. “Technically it didn't meet the warning criteria, but I think what we did see is because it fell in such a short period of time just kind of being that much more intense, just for a shorter period of time.” 

Desjardins said it was an interesting line of storms. 

“It was almost north to south, but we didn't get too many reports other than a report of heavy rain and street flooding in Moose Jaw with pea-sized hail, but it looks like they only got 12.6 millimeters. We have at Lake Lenore, a couple of fallen trees and Mankota gusts up to 78 kilometres an hour.”   

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