The Milestone Public Library will be bringing something new to their fundraising efforts this spring. What began as a small idea to sell some clippings has now fully blossomed into a special event on May 20th.

"We've never done a plant fundraiser before," explained Board Chair Carol Brucks. "We've done other fundraisers, but this came about from one of our board members who is a plant enthusiast and she had originally asked if she could just put some of the clippings in the library for a small fundraiser, but as we started talking it kind of grew and grew." 

"We've had more people volunteer to grow plants for us and bring those plant clippings, as well as everything from bulbs to petunias pansies," she shared. "We even have a rare Pink Princess philodendron that's going to be coming now."

Brucks said they'll be doing a silent auction for the rare plants, rather than selling them on a first-come, first-served basis.

"It's just grown into a big, huge event, so we're going to have quite a lot for people to come see on the 20th of May."

"As well as on the day that we have the fundraiser, the library is actually open, so anybody who comes through and use their library cards and checks out some books from the library, we're giving some door prizes as well."

She said they'll even be selling trellises, garden vegetables, and seeds. Prices will be according to maturity and rarity of the plant.