The rain started yesterday afternoon and continued through the overnight. As of 11:00 a.m., Weyburn had seen 63.1 millimetres of precipitation.

The rainfall seen so far, with 48.1 of the over 63 millimetres in Weyburn falling after midnight, has unofficially broke the record for most rain on May 13th in Weyburn. The old mark was 16.8 millimetres, set in 1968. The 15 millimetres seen before midnight yesterday is the most for May 12th since 1991, when 16.4 millimetres fell. 

A low-pressure system will move into the region from North Dakota, bringing with it the possibility of thundershowers, and, you guessed it, more rain, throughout the day today. 

“It will provide the moisture for a second batch of rain that will persist through the morning hours,” explained Brad Vrolijk, a lead forecaster with Environment and Climate Change Canada. “This low will begin lifting to the north and out of the region later today, and as it goes the rain will taper off to just a few lingering showers across the region.” 

By the time that happens, Vrolijk anticipates Weyburn, and much of the southeast, seeing around 15 more millimetres of precipitation.  

After the rains move on, many are hoping for a drier spell, particularly producers who want to get out into the field to finish seeding. Vrolijk said that is a possibility, as it appears the pattern of a Colorado-type low coming through every 5-7 days may be ending. 

“Although some showers may be possible a little later in the week, it’s not looking like what we’ve seen lately where it’s just major system after major system, you know, five to seven days apart,” Vrolijk stated. “It does look like moving into an overall drier pattern where, if there is going to be rain, it’s going to be more showery.” 

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