The people of southeastern Saskatchewan are anticipating a storm that could potentially be the worst blizzard in decades, according to Environment Canada.  

30-50 cm of widespread snowfall could accumulate from Tuesday evening to Friday morning.  

“The only thing we can really do is make sure the equipment is ready to go for after the storm," said RM of Weyburn Reeve Norm McFadden. “I would never put anyone in position to be out there working during a storm. If I wouldn't be out there myself, I wouldn't expect anybody else to be out there either.” 

McFadden said that it is hard to believe that we will see the amount of snow that Environment Canada predicted. 

“We'll see what Mother Nature has in store, and we'll deal with the snow if we get any after the fact. It's kind of the same old for us in this area. We get these predictions, you know, four or five days out, and then the day of the storm, it's like okay, where is it? So, I'm a little skeptical, I'll believe it when I see it.” 

Environment Canada has recommended that people stock up on supplies, but McFadden pointed out that most people who live in the RM are already well prepared for anything.  

“We'd be fine for a week or two without having to go to town for any groceries or anything like that, but that's kind of what country folk do.” 

He added that although getting snow would be good for moisture, it is not ideal for calving season. 

"Everybody wants moisture, but I think everybody would take rain over snow at this time of year."

Conditions are expected to begin to improve on Friday.