Letters recently going out to businesses from the Weyburn Theatre Community Service Cooperative showing the next steps toward the future Spark Cinema: the floor plan and rendered image.

"We're very excited to share what the finished product is gonna look like when the theatre is built and what it's gonna feel like on the inside," said Ryan Janke. 

"If you take a look at that, you can recognize exactly where it is on the lot. The planters are out front the building to the south, and the Legion to the north are all in the rendering. We did it up at night. It's got the corporate logos for the title sponsor on there who I think are very happy with it." 

Janke said he thinks it looks great.

"If you were around a long time ago when Weyburn, like I was, then we remember there used to be a pet shop on that lot and we've got that lot too. So it will be bigger than the old one. It should push almost right up to where the Legion sidewalk is, so there'll be plenty of clearance. You'll still be able to get around between the two buildings with no trouble at all."

He said parking options for the theatre will be at the front as well as in the lot at the back.

"If you take a look at our floor plan, we've got a door on the back facing the parking lot too. So, I mean, I can remember at the Soo Theatre, parking in that city lot in the back and then walking through the mud or the snow or whatever to get in. So we'll mitigate that because we understand people are probably going to use the back door more than the front door and it's nice to be able to have your traffic flow so people leaving and people coming don't have to interact or crash into each other and cause problems." 

Janke reminded of some of the features for the Spark Cinema, for which there are still some sponsorship opportunities.

"We have the same quality of seats that you're going to get in the big theaters in Regina, like the the big nice ones, not the the cheap theaters, and then two screens so we can show whatever the big blockbuster movie is on the weekend, but also have kind of the niche films going on at the same time, or special events or anything like that, we'll have a party room for birthday parties or corporate training or events like that."

He added, "we are working very hard to uncover the secrets of Soo theater popcorn. So we will continue to have the best popcorn in the province." 

"We will have our Walk of Fame in the lobby and those are Hollywood type stars where you can put your name on it or your business name on it. We're actually advertising those right now," continued Janke. "The more of those we can sell, the better. I mean, we're subject to inflation the same as everybody else. So there's going to be challenges with that, but we're confident that the community is going to buy as many of those stars as possible."

"There's also seat sponsorships available still, so you can put your name on a board that will match up which seat you paid for, to sponsor, and we can always come up with corporate sponsorship opportunities, too."

Janke said that while the title sponsorship is sold, both of the theatres' title sponsorships are sold, there are still some possibilities.

"Pretty much anything else we can come up with is on the table."

He said these images, provided by DSI Contracting, make it all feel more real to him, "When you can see the floor plan, know where the seats are going to be, and how things are going to line up, what the site plans will be like."

"DSI have a great design team. We just need to get some some stamps on some drawings and get those across the street to City Hall, and then we'll be in," he noted. "The second I have a date, I can promise everyone's going to know about it.".

The new theatre will also be accessible, "so people with crutches or wheelchairs or those scooters, all of that's accommodated for as per the current codes."

Janke thanked the community for all the support the cooperative has had so far.

"We're looking forward to delivering on this exciting project."

From an economic standpoint, Janke added, "we have a lot of people who come to Weyburn and they'll stop at Burger King, they'll go to Starbucks, they'll take their kids to the Spark Centre. Those are three things that certain other communities down the road don't have. Now they do have a movie theatre that way, but that's one more thing we can add to our sort of basket of offerings. So when we're attracting people to the community, even if you're not a big movie goer, the town that doesn't have one falls off the list fairly quickly."

floor plan