A number of meaningful events are taking place this week to recognize Culture Days.

Residential school survivor, Tony Stevenson is giving a Residential School Legacy Presentation on Tuesday at the Cugnet Centre.  

Stevenson will talk about his experience in the residential school system.  

“The students from the (Weyburn Comprehensive) School will be attending,” Chair of the Weyburn Community Committee for Truth and Reconciliation, Doug Loden said. “Roughly 150 people from our community are welcome to attend that event.”   

Loden encourages people to attend and listen to Tony Stevenson.  

“Understanding what's happened is important, I think for better relations with the First Nations, and this is something that's important for Canada. Growing an understanding and appreciation of the First Nations culture and what they've been through, in my mind, that's an important part of healing that very much needs to take place.” 

The presentation takes place on Tuesday from 10:30 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. at the Cugnet Centre.  

Other Culture Days events can be seen HERE.