It has been five days since the Weyburn Humane Society experienced a flood, caused by a pipe bursting.  

The staff are working out of the backroom due to bad air quality in the front of the building. However, they remain closed and can’t accept any animals at this time.  

“We are actually starting to tear out the drywall,” Shelter Manager, Colleen Morrice said. “The moisture is staying right in the drywall, so the only way we will get rid of that is to pull it out.” 

The air quality is expected to improve when the drywall is removed. An air quality test will be conducted when it is gone.  

Fortunately, the Humane Society's insurance is helping with the restorations.  

“Really great people to work with and they are turning this around very quickly.” 

Morrice said that she's thankful for all of the messages and donations that they've been receiving. She added that a heated trailer was even donated to them. 

“So, if we can get that set up, we will be up and operational just out of the back dog room.”  

In the meantime, the best way people can donate is over e-transfer to

Humane Society