Over the weekend, we had a poll here on Discover Weyburn asking you if there were any changes to things such as driving habits, vacation plans, or even vehicle plans due to the price of gasoline, which is at levels which have never been seen before. 

When asked if driving habits had changed due to the price of gas, 74.7 percent of respondents said they had.  

The gas price is even impacting the vacation plans for most of those who took part in the poll, as 59.6 percent said they had made changes to their summer vacation plans. 

As for whether or not people would consider switching to a more fuel-efficient vehicle than the one they are driving now, the gas price isn’t impacting there. A surprising 68.4 percent of respondents stated they would not consider switching to a more fuel-efficient vehicle, while just 14.3 percent said they are considering making the switch.