This weekend is the unofficial kickoff to summer, and that means that the River Park Campground is opening up for the year.

Paige Tenbult, Communications Coordinator with the city of Weyburn, said that the city parks crew has been incredibly busy, especially since late spring.

"The River Park Campground opens the long weekend of May on the Friday, and so we are just getting ready with spring cleaning, freshening things up, adding some nice paint and just getting ready for our visitors to come experience one of the jewels of our community." 

This year, the city of Weyburn moved to an online reservation platform, with some really good feedback. 

"We currently have about 50 to 60 bookings for the summer already, which is great. We're seeing a lot of international bookings go through that portal, so a lot of people from the United States or from out of the city. We're trying to really encourage our local people as well, feel free to spend a night or two at River Park Campground, it's a beautiful location."

Tenbult added that it's really close to home which is nice too, and it can give you a new experience and appreciation for your community in a different view. 

River Park has a few fun things, Tenbult said, including the spray park, the Tatagwa Trails, the campground spots, and three drop-in spots.

"If you just all of a sudden want to show up, you can go to the attendant and check out one of those spots. They're on a first come, first served basis, but we've also got a gazebo for rental. So if you're looking to host a family BBQ or just a nice event in River Park for a small amount of people, you can rent our gazebo by phoning the Parks Department as well."

Those interested in more information can contact the Parks Department at (306) 848-3290.