A service outage for one of Canada’s largest telecommunications companies is having widespread repercussions, including here in Weyburn. 

An outage with Rogers has taken nearly all of their internet, wireless, home phone and cable customers offline. As a result of the outage, a number of services in Weyburn and the area are feeling the effects.  

Interac has confirmed their services are down. This includes paying for items online, or at the point of sale via debit card. The Interac e-Transfer service is also impacted by this outage.  

We confirmed with Prairie Sky Co-op that they are unable to take payments via debit card at this time. They are still taking payment by cash, and some credit cards are still working as well.  

The City of Weyburn is unable to process payments via debit card at this moment as well, however, those who need to make payments at City Hall can still do so via cash or cheque.  

Those who need to withdraw cash from their bank can check with their financial institution if they are able to withdraw cash either in person or via ATM. It does appear that if you try to use an ATM from a bank other than the one you do business with, however, you will not be able to withdraw the money. This has not been confirmed by Interac.

Aside from those who have the cellular service through Rogers, there aren’t any expected impacts to phone service in Weyburn.  

We will keep you updated as new information becomes available.