It's time to go on a treasure hunt and rummage at the Trossachs Community Garage Sale! While you're seeking for your treasure you can also rent a table and sell your wares.

“We are having a community garage sale. We are renting out tables for people outside of the town for $10 a table. There will be floor space around the table as well, and if you live inside the hamlet, you are able to hold your own yard sale. We will create a map of the town, telling everyone that comes to the garage sale whereabouts in town to go, “explained Daphne Cheguis, Secretary and Media Marketer for Brokenshell Parks and Recreation. 

Those outside of the community are invited to participate as well. To register you can contact Daphne at (306)897-7422 or you can contact her on the park's Facebook page here. The event will be held Saturday, May 28, and will run from 10 am until 3 pm.