The provincial budget will be delivered Wednesday in the Legislature. There are many who will be looking ahead to what is included in the budget, including Weyburn Mayor Marcel Roy.  

For Roy, it is a fairly simple ask. 

“Just more money,” he told Discover Weyburn. “More money for our infrastructure that we’re working on. We’re trying to keep up with all the streets, sidewalks, water, and sewer.” 

There was one announcement for money made Tuesday by Premier Scott Moe at the SARM convention in Saskatoon – an increase in municipal revenue sharing, increasing the amount paid to municipalities by 13 percent. For Roy, however, he is holding his breath on that promise in terms of ideas on where that money could go. 

“That’s a good start,” Roy said. “We’ll wait. When the cheques are signed, that’s when we’ll see where that goes.” He then noted plans could change very often, using the hospital in Weyburn as an example, as it was originally scheduled to be completed this year, however, construction has yet to start on the new facility.  

“Budgets change, revenue streams change for the province and they set their priorities differently; something happens in the north and money goes north or to other parts of the province, so we have to sit patiently, wait and see what is going on and also determining where we as a city are going.”  

The provincial budget is scheduled to be released Wednesday afternoon. Aside from the announced increase in municipal revenue sharing, the only other hint about what will be included in the budget for the upcoming fiscal year is an increase in the Rural Physician Incentive Program.