With the cold weather, it is always a good idea to have a car care kit in your vehicle in case you happen to have vehicle trouble and end up stranded on the side of the road. 

Christine Niemczyk, Director of Communications with CAA Saskatchewan shared that they have CAA Roadside Assistant Kits available at all of their twelve locations in the province. 

“We have various cables, medical alert signage, a mini-shovel, a first-aid kit, a candle which provides a heat source, ropes, gloves, everything that helps you stay safe in your vehicle,” shared Niemczyk. 

“Our vehicle becomes our home away from home, so in addition to the roadside kit you can add items to it, such as non-perishable food like a granola bar and chocolate, a portable shovel, window ice scraper, snow brush, and booster cables are also good additions to add to your kit,” explained Niemczyk. 

To ensure your safety on the road Niemczyk also recommends adding extra winter gear such as mitts toques, a parka, footwear, and blankets. 

“Some people may say that’s an awful lot of things to have, but I often say if you have a room for a gym bag or a hockey bag you’ve got room for this,” said Niemczyk. 

“Just think what do I need in my vehicle to help myself as the driver and my passengers stay safe and stay warm,” explained Niemczyk. “We often recommend at CAA that you travel with a minimum of a half-tank to a full tank of fuel, that way if you are stranded waiting for roadside assistance, you’ve got the fuel to turn on your vehicle intermittently to provide some heat in the vehicle for yourself and possibly any other passengers.”  

CAA also recommends letting others know where you are, stick to primary roads because those are the ones that are serviced and if you do find yourself stranded, stay in your vehicle until help arrives.