This year’s Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM) June Division Meetings have wrapped up.  

Division 1, which includes the RM of Weyburn, had its meeting on Wednesday, June 8 in Kipling.  

The meeting began with opening remarks from SARM Division Director, Bob Moulding, SARM Executive Director, Jay Meyer, and SARM President, Ray Orb. 

Orb said the meeting went well, and they had good attendance.  

“In fact, all of the meetings that we've been hosting have had really good attendance,” said Orb. “I think people are eager to get back out again and get into meetings to meet with SARM Executives and some of the staff.” 

Many topics were discussed in each meeting, including rural crime, broadband, and rising gas prices.  

"We have been talking about the high cost of fuel. We've had a couple of press releases in the last couple of days on how the price is affecting our RMs, their day-to-day operations also contract work as well, and then also how the high prices are affecting the agriculture industry, and we've gotten lots of good feedback on that from our members.”  

Orb said the June Division Meetings had to be cancelled for the past two years. 

“So this is kind of normal again to be meeting face-to-face in the June Division Meetings.” 

He added he’s happy to be out again seeing the countryside and meeting new SARM members.