We are weeks away from the race to book seasonal and nightly campsites in our Provincial Parks. Robin Campese, Executive Director of Visitor Experiences, shares the details on when we can begin to book with Sask Parks “Reservation launch is actually just around the corner, will open on April 18th with our seasonal reservation launch and then April 19th to 26th for our nightly sites. Every day at 7am of those days listed, will kick-off the reservation launch for that day.” 

If you’re looking ahead to your summer plans and wonder if the Parks will have all of the attractions and facilities open, similar to pre-pandemic days, Campese explains the latest “I think they’ll find that things are entirely back to normal for us. I hope that it is going to be more comfortable for people. Although we didn’t see anyone really shying away from the Parks during the pandemic. I think what the Park offered people was a safe outdoor experience, and so we actually saw more visitation than we’ve ever seen before.” 

The Sask Park booking week, whether seasonal or nightly, is always a rush to secure your favorite spot and sometimes can lead to disappointment if you can’t lock in your site. This year, Sask Parks has some new features to aid in booking, Campese explains, “We have the ability for campers to compare up to three sites at once, you can actually put up three sites and look at them and make a choice based on if they have shade, sun, the length or if they are electrical or not.  We also have a new feature called Campground Favorites, ahead of reservation launch you can go on and favorite some of your sites and they will add to your account and that will make your booking quite a bit easier. In the height of the season, we will have waitlists so you can actually waitlist yourself on a number of sites, when your turn comes available you have 24 hours to book that site.  

For more details about Sask Parks and registering an account. Visit Provincial Parks | Tourism Saskatchewan