Winter has been packing a punch this year, so SaskEnergy has some natural gas safety tips. 

The first tip is to keep your exterior appliance vents free of frost, ice and snow. If snow blocks your exterior appliance vents, it can cause equipment to malfunction, or a dangerous buildup of carbon monoxide. 

Any appliance that burns fuel can cause carbon monoxide to build up.  

The second tip is to keep your natural gas meter free of snow and ice. This includes the meter’s regulator and shut-off valve. This will ensure this equipment continues to operate when you need it most. 

If there is snow or ice on your natural gas meter you can use a soft bristle brush or broom to gently remove it by hand. 

SaskEnergy’s third tip is to have your furnace inspected every year. This can help keep it running safely and at peak efficiency.  

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