The Saskatchewan Common Ground Alliance has proclaimed April as Dig Safe Month, and they are encouraging you to do just that.  

Every year thousands of buried wires, cables and pipelines are damaged by excavation activities. The damage costs Canadians around $1 billion annually.  

“In Saskatchewan alone there’s more than 700 incidents that happen,” said Executive Director at the Saskatchewan Common Ground Alliance, Shannon Doka. “Those are only the reported ones; we don’t know how many aren’t reported.” 

She said that contacting a line can cause more than a minor project delay.  

“We have had contacts which have caused major outages of electricity, natural gas, telecommunications services, significant financial penalties, and even injury and death.” 

Doka recommends using Sask 1st Call.

“They will take your call; they'll send out the appropriate members to mark the lines and make sure that we've got those underground lines marked for when that ground disturbance is going to happen.” 

You can find more information here.