Recently elected to the Southeast Cornerstone Public School Division's Board of Trustees, Megan Schick, was sworn in today to the position.

Schick said she was able to meet the Director of Education with the SECPSD, Keith Keating.

"We have our strategic planning this afternoon and my orientation on Friday," she shared.

After taking the seat in a by-election held on September 28th, Schick told Discover Weyburn, "I'm excited to represent the community, and I know it's going to be hard work and commitment, but I am looking forward to getting in there and representing the views of the community and making sure that we're advocating for the right steps for education coming into the next two years."

She said constituents can contact her to discuss school board-related issues via email to

The next board meeting for SECPSD will be held October 13th, 2022.