Southeast College students in Weyburn received $28,600 in scholarships and bursaries recently, distributed to students in various programs including Hairstylist, Continuing Care Aid, Practical Nurse, and Adult 12.

The presentations were made June 17th, which was also the first time since 2019 they were able to hold their formal graduation and awards celebration in person. 

"After not being able to have any sort of year-end or graduation celebrations, or even our scholarship in-person celebrations, for the last couple years, it was truly amazing," said Manager of Marketing and Communications, Sheena Onrait. "It was wonderful to get all of our students together and have them celebrate their successes over the year as a group." 

She said their community support is on par with other years. 

"One hundred per cent of our donations go directly back to our students in the form of scholarships and bursaries," she shared. "Scholarships and bursaries come at the end of the program because a lot of them are criteria based so it really does take that student to the next step, whether it is starting them out in their career or taking them to another level of postsecondary or whatever is going to their path takes them next." 

"We are incredibly proud of our students and everything they have achieved and continue to work towards", said Kassandra Lawrenz, Manager, College Advancement. "The graduation and awards ceremony is a great opportunity not only to celebrate with our students, but to also recognize and express our most sincere gratitude to the outstanding support we receive from the community and our partners!"

This year, Southeast College introduced a new set of Student Achievement Awards designed to recognize students who have went above and beyond in their academic achievements, classroom leadership, community involvement, and have shown a dedication to not only their success, but the success of their fellow students. These awards are the Southeast College Board of Governors Award for Academic Excellence, Presidents Award for Outstanding Student Leadership, and the Southeast College Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Community.

Those registering for fall courses have until July 4th to take advantage of the waived $50 application fee.