After getting through the rain and lower temperatures of the low-pressure system, the southeast is getting rewarded with plenty of heat and sunshine.

The temperature is set to nearly double in just a few days, with a mid-30s temperature being forecasted for Saturday, June 18.

The sharp rise is accompanied by clear skies for some of those days, likely intensifying the heat.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Terri Lang says that the quick uptick will be the first of the year.

"I don't recall any 30 temperatures anywhere in Saskatchewan so far this season, it looks like it's reaching into the low 30s for the first time on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, so that's kind of a treat."

The first big heat of the year will come with a challenge - since people are used to cooler air from the winter, those plus 30 temperatures can come as a shock.

"I think it's hard on people, especially The first heat of the year, people aren't acclimatised to it yet. It's like getting the cold air for the first time in winter as well," said Lang, "You're just not used to it. Eventually, over time your body does adjust, but just something to keep in mind."

The heat isn't going to last forever, with temperatures forecasted to start dropping on Monday, June 20.

That's also likely to come with another storm through the southeast.

"Often what happens with these systems when we get the heat," said Lang, "On the back end of the heat we often get some showers, thundershowers with that so it looks like that's a possibility on Sunday as the heat breaks down and starts moving eastward."

There will be a couple of days with some cloud cover to get away from the sun, but Lang says those clouds can also increase the UV, so she recommends remembering to use sunscreen.