It's a wrap on the season for Nickle Lake Regional Park, with seasonal campers having to clear out by September 15th.

"The park closes on September 15th for this season, and we'll be back in the spring. For all our seasonal campers, the water and power gets turned off on the 19th," Park Manager Darren Wheeler said.

He said anyone who is hoping to score a seasonal site for next year needs to get their entry in by September 15th. Find the entry form HERE.

"After that, I'll be working on the draw for the lottery, so on the 24th, 25th, I'll be making the draw for that."

The 15th is also when those giving up their sites need to have their termination notices into the park office.


"We had a very good crowd all summer, and the beach is always full. Fishing this year has been awesome, the fishing and boating has been great," Wheeler added.

He noted their car-counter set up on June 1st counted about 36,000 cars entering the park.

"So every time you go by, it counts you," he said. "Just before you enter the park, when you cross that little strip going across the road, as soon as you drive over, that just counts you."

Nickle Lake celebrated 60 years on Saturday with live music, a KFC supper, and cake.

Event organizer Ronalee Larson said they had a great turnout and plenty of good feedback on the supper.

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cakePhoto courtesy of Ronalee Larson.