Residents of Weyburn will see a higher presence of police on Wednesday and Thursday, as many agencies will be in the city as part of the Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP).  

STEP is a multi-agency task force dedicated to improving traffic safety across Saskatchewan, which includes municipal police agencies, the RCMP, Saskatchewan Highway Patrol, Canadian Pacific Police, and representatives from SGI and the Ministries of Justice and Finance. 

“It's a concentrated effort focusing on Traffic Safety,” said Deputy Police Chief with the Weyburn Police Service, Brent VanDeSype. “You might see three or four of them standing or hanging around different intersections, watching for cellphone use, disobeying red lights, or just different traffic infractions.” 

The two-day initiative is taking place at various locations in and around Weyburn.  

“As long as motorists are driving safely and obeying the laws, they have absolutely nothing to worry about.” 

Enforcement activities will focus on offences related to speeding, distracted driving, seatbelt use, unlicensed drivers, and commercial vehicle standards. Impaired driving enforcement will be a top priority. 

“It's a concentrated effort just to really increase awareness.” 

This program takes place in several communities every year.