Things are warming up here in Weyburn, but along with the nice weather comes the possibility of ice dams. 

Ice dams are caused by freeze-thaw weather cycles.  

The snow on your roof becomes a layer of insulation, which warms up the air in your attic. If you have poor attic ventilation, the warm air can lead to condensation. This causes the snow to melt and roll down to the edge of the roof and the soffits. If the melted snow can’t drain properly, it'll freeze and build up over time. This creates ice dams. 

If the ice dams spread up the roof, water will work its way under your shingles and get into your attic. The water can then seep into your insulation, roof, and walls. 

Over time, wet surfaces attract mold, which can cause breathing problems and makes repairs more expensive. 

SGI gives the following tips to deal with ice dams: 

  1. Get the snow off your roof. 

  1. Try and find the vent on your roof and make sure to clear the snow and ice out of it. 

  1. Clear your gutters and downspouts. 

  1. Make sure the airflow is working properly in your attic. 

  1. Make sure fans and venting are sealed. 

Icicles building up on your roof is one of the first signs that you have an ice dam.