The results from September's Traffic Safety Spotlight were released Friday, showing that police issued 4,887 tickets for various speeding offences, including 195 tickets to drivers for speeding in school zones. 

SGI is reminding that, with kids back to school in September, a refresher course on safe school zone driving habits is needed in order to keep kids safe. The main lesson learned this back-to-school month was to slow down in school zones to keep everyone safe.

They also remind that speeding tickets are extra costly, with 20 km/h over the limit in a school zone resulting in a $310 ticket and three demerits.  
It's extra important for drivers to yield to pedestrians at crosswalks. 10 drivers in school zones also received $230 tickets for failing to do so.   

Other results reported by law enforcement in September include 399 impaired driving offenses, including 247 Criminal Code violations.

435 tickets were also issued for seatbelt and car seat offenses, and 869 tickets for distracted driving, including 770 for using a mobile device.