The Weyburn Humane Society's Garage Sale held at the Curling Rink last week raised $5,195 in all to help upkeep the shelter.

"All three days were quite busy," noted Shelter Manager Colleen Morrice. "Not as busy as previous years, of course. We haven't had it here for three years, but we're very happy with what we have received and we're very thankful for all the donations, and for everybody that came into our garage sale." 

She said the Garage sale is her favourite event of the year for their organization.

"I love all the stuff that comes in, and I love to see the people, because I don't get to see them every day while I'm at work and I don't usually go out shopping too much or anything like that," she shared. "So the garage sale is my event that I've always loved to do."

Morrice said they were able to borrow those helpful red carts from McFrugal's Weyburn. 

"So all we had to pick them do was pick them up and drop them off."

Whatever wasn't sold was boxed up by Inclusion Weyburn for their yellow 'Community Living' bins.