The Weyburn Humane Society has thirty thousand reasons to be excited.  

“We got a $30,000 donation from Southern Range Well Servicing, and they're sponsoring the lobby in our new shelter,” said Randy Bakaluk. He is the president of the Weyburn Humane Society.  

With the donation, the Humane Society is getting closer to its final goal for the construction of the new facility, which will be located at 1810 East Avenue. The location was announced in April of this year. 

Bakaluk said the donation they received is a boost for the morale as they continue to work towards the goal. 

“All the smaller donations are just as important, but this one just kind of gives you that extra shot,” he exclaimed.  

The announcement Thursday comes as a number of other donations have been announced in recent weeks. This includes a $225,000 donation from the estate of Violet Delrose Moore in August and $5,000 from the Weyburn Oilfield Technical Society. The Humane Society has also been having some success with its $100 Brick-by-Brick campaign. 

The work on the new shelter is expected to begin this coming spring.  

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