Many locals will be having company this summer, and the simulators at the Credit Union Spark Centre are one of the coolest features Weyburn has to offer year-round.

Each simulator can be rented for $40 per hour, and it's not per person, just in case anyone was confused about that.

"I wouldn't recommend having more than six people in there, but six would be the max, but like that's $40 for that entire group," explained Ryan Dale, the Leisure Services Manager with the City of Weyburn.

"So we have people who just come in and play golf," he noted. "We have birthday parties, we actually have wind-ups there. We do private events, as well, we're able to liquor license that space, too, so that does help with the corporate events, but families use it all the time on the weekends too."

He said it's popular with families because they have 15 different activities on those simulators, including golf, hockey, baseball, football, soccer, lacrosse, and the family favourite, zombie dodgeball.

Dale said it all runs off of a camera and sensors.

"Then to use it and go through the games, it's basically like using an iPad, so very user friendly."

"It's great, and it's another great option, too, for when the weather is not cooperating with us outside," he added. "I know we've had some tough weather so far this year, so it's been an asset for this community."

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