This past Saturday, February 18th, everyone's smiles were made brighter with the Kin Day of Kindness. 

Rebecca Blackburn, a member of the Weyburn Kinsmen and Kinettes Club, explained that the Kin Day of Kindness is a way for the Kinsmen and Kinettes to give back to the community and thank them for all of their support.

"So every year around February 18th is the Kin Day of Kindness and we try to do something each year. In previous years we have given out blizzards, and we did hot chocolate and cake one year at one of the outdoor skating rinks. We try to do something different every year." 

Blackburn explained that this year they went to the Credit Union Spark Centre and purchased 40 kid passes, and then the Credit Union Spark Centre donated 40 adult passes to go with those kid passes. 

"We gave them to the Family Place, so they're able to provide them to individuals and families to go use the Spark Centre, so they're able to use one of the great facilities we have here in town."

She shared that the Kin Day of Kindness originated a couple of years ago from the Kin Club of Canada and it's about honouring the communities and the greatest needs of the communities. "Kin Clubs all over Canada do different things for the Kin Day of Kindness every year."

This day also marks 103 years that Kin Canada has been serving the communities greatest needs.

"The Family Place was super excited to receive the donation of the passes to the Spark Centre, and the Family Place is going to hand them out as they see fit; they were really excited for the donation and so hopefully families are able to use the facility more."

Blackburn added that they're always looking for new members. They have meetings the first and third Thursday of each month at the Wor-Kin Shop, and you can contact them through Facebook or email them at