The City of Weyburn's Public Works crews will be moving to clearing snow from residential streets early next week. 

Todd Bedore, Superintendent of Public Works, said this is the most snow we've seen in Weyburn in years.

"Every morning it's a little bit of a challenge when we get a little more snow, we always focus on our priority routes first, because those are the most important."

"We're actually down to what we call our collector streets right now, and you'll notice throughout town we're actually removing the snow right from location, because it is very early in the snow season and we don't want a pile of snow built up on the side of the road. So it's taking us a little longer, but it's going to help us in the long run," shared Bedore.

It may be a lot of snow, but it's not going to break the City's snow removal budget anytime soon.

"We've been pretty lucky the last few years to not use a lot of budget because we haven't had a lot of snow," he explained. "But we're doing well on the budget this year. We've had a few breakdowns, you know, with the really cold weather equipment. It's just like people, and don't want to work very hard in this very cold weather. So we've had some challenges that way, but well, we'll keep on trudging forward."

He said they are hoping to get into residential streets early next week. 

Bedore reminded that gravel is being poured into intersections, but one still needs to drive with caution, as the gravel has a hard time sticking in this extreme cold. 

"Just a big thank you to the staff and contractors are helping us out here," he added.


Snow removal