While a good amount of snow is being called for, most of it is not a guarantee, with Environment and Climate Change Canada only calling for a good chance after tomorrow's fresh layer.

"It doesn't look like all that much," said Meteorologist Terri Lang. "There's a weather system passing through, looks like it will come through on Wednesday." 

She said we could see between three and five centimeters worth of snow. 

"I think more problematic is the wind," she noted. "It'll be fairly gusty, probably 30 to 40, gusting 50 to 60 kilometers per hour. So combine that with some snow and you'll probably get some localized blowing and drifting snow, so people should be taking those precautions if they're going to be out on the road tomorrow. Looks like the bulk of the snow will probably fall in the afternoon into the evening." 

Things are going to take a turn for the colder soon, which may mean less snow.

"Especially when we have the the colder temperatures, we often don't get a lot of snow with them," Lang explained. "What's noteworthy, though, is the temperature is definitely taking a nosedive after being fairly spoiled for most of November and half of December. It's going to feel certainly more winter, like with temperatures you know, really dipping down and those initial values coming up. So something to keep in mind, in both changing how you dress them and that type of thing, just because it is going to feel quite wintery." 

With colder climes, however, the snow that's coming more likely to stick around for a truly white Christmas.

"So I guess you've gonna look on the bright side of things, right?"

Lang reminded, bundle up if you're walking, pack a roadside kit if you're driving a long distance, and give your vehicle time to warm up if you're driving in the city.