While there has been a lot of talk as to the conditions on the highways in the southeast corner of the province, what are the conditions like in Weyburn itself?  

A number of snowdrifts have started to pile up on the streets, resulting in some areas being nearly unnavigable for smaller vehicles, and in some cases, even some of the larger ones as well. Yet, thanks to the peculiarities of the wind, there are some areas where there are no snow drifts whatsoever, with nearly bare pavement to be seen. 

There are a number of good Samaritans being seen out on the streets as well, everything from neighbours using a snowblower to help clear a path, to giving complete strangers who are stuck in the middle of the road a push to get through the snowdrifts.  

What are the conditions like on your street? Is there anyone who is going out of their way to help those around them? Let us know! Tag us on Facebook, or email us your pictures at news@discoverweyburn.com.