Weyburn City Council passed a bylaw Monday night that reinforces the fact that while Weyburn may be a city, it still has the charm of a small town. At the request of the Souris River Snowmobile Club, changes to the route snowmobiles are allowed to take within the city limits were made for the coming season.  

The old route stated snowmobiles were allowed to travel west alongside 22nd Avenue, on the south side of the road, crossing Government Road, and then going up north behind Hillcrest Cemetery to Terry's Yamaha, which is located at 517 Government Road South. 

The old snowmobile route on the southwest side of WeyburnThe old route for snowmobiles in Weyburn. 

The new route will see snowmobiles allowed to travel 1.1 kilometres north, from 22nd Avenue, along the east side of Government Road, then west by crossing Government Road just south of 10th Avenue South, near Minard’s Leisure World. Then, the route goes for 311 metres, then turns northeast for 549 metres, before going east by 148 metres to Terry’s Yamaha.  

The new snowmobile route in WeyburnThe new route for snowmobiles in Weyburn.

The reason for the deviation? 

To avoid a pea field.  

Councillor Jeff Richards asked during the meeting about the timing of the change, noting it was specified in the bylaw it would be just for this year.  

“It will go back to the normal route next year, because the field that will be a pea field this year, will be a stubble field next year,” City Manager Mathew Warren answered. “The land that they’ve requested to go on are all city-owned lands. The discussion that I had with (snowmobile club) president Rick Hallberg about the request is that it’d only be for this year because of that field and for the safety of the riders.” 

There was a request to have all three readings of the bylaw done during the meeting itself, with Mayor Marcel Roy noting that it is better to have the routes changed before there is any substantial snowfall. All three readings were passed unanimously, putting the new bylaw into effect immediately.