This morning we were joined by Karissa Hoffart to get all the details on her brand new Christmas song!

"This song is called Christmas Cowboy and it is a duet with Justin LaBrash," she said.  "It is my first Christmas song that I have ever written and Justin helped me finish writing it, making it a duet and putting a melody to it so it's such an amazing song to release to the world."

The song was recently released to streaming outlets and radio and is a bit different than her other music ventures.

"I think I've always had it in my head that I've wanted to write a Christmas song. We always hear the classic Christmas songs and it's nice to hear something a little more original. So I decided I wanted to write a Christmas song and put it out there so that every year people could enjoy it."

We'll have the song on AM1190 this morning at roughly 11:30!