On Saturday, February 18th, starting at the Griffin shelter, the Souris River Snowmobile Club will be hosting a snowmobile derby. 

There will be cash and door prizes, hot dogs, drinks and more.

Entry is three hands for $20, six for $30 or 10 for $40. 

Rick Hallberg, President of the Souris River Snowmobile club, said, "When you buy those hands, you'll basically get 10 numbers, and at the end of the derby, we generate a winning number. So there'll be cash prizes for whoever has that winning number."

Hallberg said that once they leave the Griffin shelter, they'll head up through Creelman and over to Fillmore up to the Lionel shelter.

"We'll be giving away hot dogs and water there. Clayton Keller from Keller Acres, he's graciously donated the hot dogs and condiments and everything for the warm up shacks."

Hallberg explained that, "We're going to have everything groomed, so you can go right from Griffin, all the way up through Creelman and Fillmore, up to Corning, and then I encourage people to take our trail back down towards Stoughton, that's a beautiful trail. Then once you hit Stoughton, just the trail back to Griffin."

He said that registration is at the Griffin shelter and Lionel shelter on Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., and they also have registration online.

They accept e-transfers to souris.river.snowmobile@outlook.com, which will also enter people into the derby. Hallberg said that even if people can't make it to the derby on Saturday, they still have a chance to win or support their club through the e-transfer. 

Hallberg said that all of the proceeds from the derby go towards their trail system.

You can find more information here.