Southeast College announced a renewed scholarship partnership with Vermilion Energy Inc. on May 16th.

Vermilion Energy Inc., an oil and gas company based in Calgary, has committed to a $9,000 contribution, spread over the next three years, to support the ongoing education and success of Southeast College students.

Sheena Onrait, Executive Director, Communications and Strategic Enrollment with Southeast College, said that they work with all of their donors to come up with criteria that meets the goals of the company and the goals of the donor for bursary recipients.

"This one is actually based on financial need as well as community involvement, with a little bit of a preference given to students located within southeast Saskatchewan and pursuing an education in a couple of different predetermined fields."

Onrait said that a couple of years ago, Vermilion Energy Inc. came to Southeast College as a first-time donor.

"This is just a renewal of that partnership and they have their 'Vermillion Ways of Caring' community investment program. That's where these scholarships come from, is through that program and they strongly believe in giving back to their community partners and contributing to healthy and resilient sustainable communities within southeast Saskatchewan, so it fits with us."

Providing valuable education to learners in southeast Saskatchewan is an integral part of what Southeast College does, Onrait said, "and then hope that they [learners] in turn give back to their communities as well."

Onrait added that, "We're super grateful for their [Vermilion Energy Inc.] continued partnership, and it's really great that we know that we can help these financial pressures of students pursuing post-secondary education in southeast Saskatchewan at Southeast College."