Back to school is the big event tomorrow for students all over the southeast, and Director Of Education with the Southeast Cornerstone Public School Division, Keith Keating said their schools have had an uptick in enrollment.

"We're seeing an increase in the number of students who are transferring back to face-to-face schools, both from home school and Cyber Stone," he noted. "The actual numbers, we're not going to know until all the students are actually back in school, but we've seen the trend in the last month, but also within the last few days right before school starts, of a number of students transferring back into schools."
Keating said it is great to have different opportunities for families based on what their needs are with regard to their children's schooling.

The reason for this uptick in enrollment could be that they are able to return to school under 'normal' circumstances once again at the start of the year - unlike the past two years.

"So with teachers starting last week, and our students starting this week, we're looking forward to getting started with another exciting school year," he shared. "We're really looking forward to being able to see our parents and public back in the community schools and engaging all the great things that I know happen with youth in those buildings." 

Keating encouraged parents to call the schools with any questions they might have, but that he's glad the schools can also get together with other schools as well.