A total of $7,700 was raised for the Weyburn Humane Society on Thursday at Southern Range Well Servicing's well-attended fundraiser barbeque held at River Park.  

Western Prime Meats donated the barbeque and Co-op donated drinks and refreshments, Wheelie Cool Treats sold ice cream and other frozen treats, and staff members from the Humane Society were also at the event helping out. 

"The turnout was so great," said Ron Newett, President of Southern Range Well Servicing. "We had good weather and I can't believe how many people showed up after the first hour. We're overwhelmed at how many people showed up."

They even had to go and get more burgers, he shared, which is only a good problem to have when you're hosting a barbeque fundraiser. He said there are many local businesses and organizations to thank.

"The Weyburn Agricultural Society, they donated the tables and chairs, because I knew we needed extra seating room, so thanks to them for that. I'd like to thank Western Prime, They let us use their barbecue and we purchased all of our hamburgers and hot dogs from them so big shout out to them," he noted. "Co-op Foods, they supplied all the soft drinks, so I'd like to thank Coop for their donation."

He added that Shelter Manager Colleen Morrice and her staff from the Weyburn Humane Society also joined in to help prepare and serve food. "So thanks a lot to Colleen, I really appreciate her." 

The City of Weyburn also allowed free use of the Gazebo at Riverside Park to host the event. 

"All my staff, I'd like to thank them, as they did a lot of work preparing and getting ready," said Newett. "They went and picked up all the tables and chairs and we got food and they had to pick up the barbeque in the morning and get everything set-up, so a big thanks out to my staff at Southern Range Well Servicing."

"My friend Darren Loreth was on his day off and decided he'd come and help out, so a big shout out to Darren for helping out and last but not least, all the people who came out today and helped support the fundraiser for such a great thing from the Humane Society. It was nice to see such a turn out. The weather cooperated, and the total donations today total $1,100, so thank you so much for the donations everyone and the sales of the hamburgers and hotdogs was $1,600 and all this money will go to the Humane Society." 

"And I've decided that Southern range is going to donate $5,000 to a great cause as the Humane Society," he added. "They really need to find either maybe an existing building or a new building, so it's it's going to cost a lot of money, and these pets they deserve to have a good place to live and lots of space to run around and a clean atmosphere." 

"So I'd like to encourage any others in the oilfield, agriculture, or any other business if they have a little extra cash, please donate to help get these pets into a better facility and I think they deserve it." 

"Once again a shout out to everyone who took part in our fundraiser today," he said. "I really appreciate it was a wonderful day. Thank you so much." 

All of the animals available for adoption at the Humane Society can be viewed HERE

-with files from Trillian Reynoldson.