Marnel Spencer broke two world records at this year's IPF World Masters Powerlifting Championship. Spencer competed in the Equipped Masters 3, 47 kg and under weight division. Discover Weyburn sat down with Spencer to get the details. 

Spencer shared that the world record in the equipped squatting event in her weight and class division had not been beaten since 2014. On her second squat attempt, she beat the current world record of 115.5 kg by squatting 116 kg, and then on her third attempt, she broke her own world record by squatting 118 kgs.  

We asked Spencer what it feels like to break a world record. 

“It’s just weird, it feels so surreal, I’m just doing something that I love doing, I love the training, I love powerlifting, our powerlifting team is just amazing, and we have so much fun,” said Spencer. 

In the equipped deadlifting event, Spencer lifted 127.5 kg, and she bench pressed 65 kg. 

Spencer finished with two silver medals and one gold medal, and then an additional gold medal for World Champion Total.