The start of spring seeding is right around the corner, and many producers are waiting to be able to get out into the field.  

Although the weather has been nice, Sherri Roberts, Crops Extension Specialist with the Provincial Ministry of Agriculture said that things shouldn’t get started quite yet. 

“I caution some of the producers around here to not get too quick of a start on it,” said Roberts. “There are some things that they really need to have taken care of before they get those machines out in the field, and I hope they've got it done.” 

Some of those things include seed and soil testing, and keeping an eye on soil temperatures. 

After last year’s drought, many were hoping for a good amount of snow this year to help kick start the growing season.  

“The snow has been really variable this year down here in the Southeast, but the majority received a lot of really decent snow cover. Of course, snow doesn't necessarily always melt down into decent moisture, but they certainly should have good moisture to be seeding into.” 

Roberts cautions that there are still some pockets of the southeast that may be quite dry, after a fast spring melt.