There was a good turnout for the Weyburn Senior Men’s Golf Club held its Golf windup and luncheon on Thursday, with 18 members and three non-members in attendance.  

The attendees played an 18-hole skins game at the windup.  

“We actually started golfing at 10:00 a.m., and although it was cool and a little bit windy earlier in the day, it turned out okay,” Treasurer Stan Runne said. “We had a nice meal in the lounge after and made a presentation of all the awards.”   

The awards presented were broken into two groups, the Master's Group for those aged 70 and older, and the regular senior's group for anyone aged 69 and under. 

“The overall winner, the one with the highest points of the best 10 games they played under the Stratford system of scoring wins the Ken Hill Trophy,” he said. “It is a very unique trophy and a very coveted trophy for us.”   

The Ken Hill Trophy was presented to member Murray Benson this year. 

During the year, the members ran a 50/50 draw with proceeds going to the Weyburn Golf Club Irrigation Project. This year they raised $ 1,600, and club members Frank Kaip, Murray Benson, and Mickey Woodard presented the cheque to Golf Club Manager Chad Brock.