The Weyburn Humane Society has many supporters including the Walter family. From the goodness of their hearts, the family of four decided to do a little fundraising yesterday in front of Pet Valu. We had the opportunity to talk to Angela Walter, the mother of the family while they were out raising the much-needed funds.

"We are raising money for the Weyburn Humane Society. We are set up with our cotton candy machine, we have around six flavors and we've got some skittles drink mixes that you can get or just plain water, and we've got some mini freezies as well. Or we'll take any amount of donation and give you some sweets for it."

Although this wasn't their original plan.

"It was definitely the kid's idea, they wanted to have some kind of drink stand or whatever,  and we thought this would be a very good location to get lots of people to come to support it."

It's safe to say they blew that drink stand idea out of the park! Their sugar-spinning skills brought in $150 for the Weyburn Humane Society!