Every year, Southeast College holds a golf tournament to raise money for scholarships for students enrolled at the post-secondary institution. Fittingly named Swing for Scholarships, this year’s event, held on September 8th at the Weyburn Golf Club, is being heralded as a success. 

“It was a really wonderful day,” said Sheena Onrait, the Executive Director & Strategic Enrollment for Southeast College. “It was beautiful. We had lots of teams out, everyone had a fantastic time and most importantly, we raised just over $30,000 in student scholarships.” 

The money raised through the golf tournament comes via two different streams. The tournament itself raised over $15,000 directly. The money raised is matched by the Ministry of Advanced Education through the Saskatchewan Innovation and Opportunity Scholarship program.  

Onrait explained that having these scholarship programs available is very important for not just the college, but the community as a whole. 

“It doesn’t matter if you were just from high school or if you’re coming back to school after working for a few years, or whatever your situation is – financial aid is a key factor in a lot of students’ decision making and where they go to school,” Onrait added. “The fact that we have a scholarship program and we have supporters like this to help our financial aid and help our students, it’s really impactful on our students, and it’s really impactful on us at Southeast College.” 

Onrait thanked the numerous sponsors who made the event possible, including the Drive for Education sponsors, the meal, golf cart and safe ride sponsors, as well as the hole sponsors, all of which are based in the community.  

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