UPDATE: Due to the forecasted blizzard conditions this weekend, a performance originally scheduled for this Saturday, March 11th, has been postponed until April 1st.

On April 1st, the Weyburn Public Library will be hosting a free concert open to the public featuring the Regina Symphony Chamber Players.

"We'd love to have everybody come out and see us and enjoy the show," Branch Manager Deborah Rempel said. 
The orchestra of about 12 players will be set up in the mezzanine, which is the upper level of the WPL.

"They'll have a little bit more of an open area and it's a little more visible to the public," she noted. 

"So it's definitely something that I think the public could come out and enjoy with us. I know when we did our Christmas carols and cookies event, everybody certainly seemed to enjoy having the high school choir here as well," she shared. "The sound in the building is absolutely fantastic when we do have things like that going on, so we're looking forward to it."

Pre-registration isn't required, but is ideal, as the Symphony has asked the WPL for numbers if at all possible prior to their arrival on Saturday. 

"But if they'd like to just drop in, they're welcome to do that as well."

The event is free to attend, and the show will offer a "delightful lineup of music suitable for fans of all ages", according to the RSO.

The program will include Charles Villiers Stanford - Serenade in F Major, op. 95; Edward Elgar - Chanson de Nuit, Op. 15 #1; and Edward Elgar -Chanson de Matin Op. 15 #2.

A statement from the Regina Symphony Chamber Players: 

Each section or family of instruments in an orchestra is led by a Principal Musician or first chair. Twelve of these musicians perform as the Regina Symphony Chamber Players, also known as the Core or RSCP. They perform in all of our mainstage performances as part of the orchestra, taking the spotlight as solo performers when needed and work together on choosing music for chamber concerts. When not playing with the RSO, these musicians are teachers, composers, and performers who have made Regina the homebase for themselves and their families.