Tim Culham, Randy Jacobs, and Tim Howells were elected yesterday as the three new Directors for the Tatagwa Conservation & Development Number 13. Those eligible to vote were only those ratepayers who support the Tatagwa C&D on their taxes.

According to Secretary-Treasurer Lorraine Fellner, they got a great turnout of voters to the R.M. of Weyburn office, and it was their first-ever election as they had five people running for the three positions on the board.

As she explained, the C & D consists of some low-lying ground areas where people have hay plots, and some farmland, as well as some Ducks Unlimited duck ponds to help promote the natural habitat for wildlife. 

Fellner said her parents owned property on the C & D 13 for livestock pasture and hay land when she was growing up, and the board has been going for over 60 years.

"We had just an excellent turnout of ratepayers to vote. It was incredible. We even had some ratepayers that actually live in Regina that were down to vote in the election, so we have to be very happy with the turnout," she shared.

With only about three to four meetings per year to ensure things are running smoothly, the board helps facilitate the land for its various purposes.

"There isn't a whole lot of paperwork. We do have hay plots that ratepayers are eligible to rent for the season, and so basically we lease the land from the provincial government, so the hay plots cover the cost of the lease and a little bit for if there's maintenance like a culvert repair and that sort of thing."

She said they were glad to be able to use the Community Meeting Room at the R.M. of Weyburn office, which is free for community groups to use. (Read more HERE).

"It was a very nice facility to use, and the ratepayers were able to come in and vote and have a look at that community service room, so it was, it was very nice," she noted. "I couldn't believe, actually, how many people we got. A couple of the girls from the R.M. office at the front, of course, couldn't see what was happening because the door to the room was closed, but they came back and said, 'I can't believe how many people you guys have had! It's like really busy back here'. It was just awesome." 

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