City of Weyburn Facilities have been experiencing freeze and thaw issues, which has resulted in lots of ice damming on roofs.

Mathew Warren, City Manager with the City of Weyburn, said that they've been seeing ice damming in the Tom Zandee sports arena, the Soo Line Historical museum and the Weyburn public library. 

"It's something that happens, especially when we do have the heavy snowfall, when we have the really cold weather to now, the really warmer weather, you know, we take this very seriously and making sure that our facilities are kept to the best ability to really do that." 

Warren explained that in talking with the library, they have had people going on the roof to clear it off and with the structure of that roof, "it's not the easiest thing to do, and so it's most important for us that you know, we make sure that we get as much snow as we can off that roof for us."

He added that long-term, they have made infrastructure a real priority on their roofing systems.

"Coming up for this year's budget, we actually have a focus on our two really larger concern roofs, the Soo Line historical museum, you know, we need to do some work over top of where the archives are, and also where our silver collection is. That is the number one priority we have for roofs."

The second priority in this year's budget, Warren explained, is the second level of the Tom Zandee Sports arena. Going forward, their budget process will involve requesting roof repairs for the Weyburn public library, City hall and the Weyburn Leisure Centre.

"There is a lot of work to be done, our facilities group is really taking time to understand what the needs are, to work with contractors to look at some solutions."

The hardest part, Warren said, is during this time of the year with the weather the way it is, the roofs cannot be fixed, as it could do more harm than good. But he reassured residents that they do have staff out on the roofs right now clearing snow for those heavy areas and bringing contractors in as required.