The anticipation grows for a summer spent at a brand-new outdoor pool facility in Ogema’s Regional Park. Kyle Leonard, Chair of Ogema Regional Park Authority shares a progress update, “Construction is going fantastic, we are about two months away from our opening date on July 1st. We have had our Contractors here since February when they came back after freeze up.” 


Hot summers are better when you can gather with friends and family at the outdoor pool and cool off. Ogema’s pool has been a hub for the community for years. Leonard explains, “The pool is such an integral part of our community during the summer months, with not having a pool last year because of the age of our previous pool. People have really noticed it’s missing and are excited to have it back”


If you are making summer plans, consider driving down to see this new facility, it will be open in just two short months says Leonard, “July 1st is the intended opening date; the big party will be the following weekend when we have our annual fair day. Not only can you jump in for a public swim, but swimming lessons will be back again shares Leonard, “We are just finalizing our swimming lessons for the year and it will be posted on our Facebook page.” 


If you’re looking to reach out to Ogema Regional Park, click here or on Facebook Ogema Regional Park and Swimming Pool.