Tyson Allan, President of the Creelman Community Complex, said that they decided as a Board that they would not continue to put in curling ice this year at the Creelman Rink. 

"Mainly due to lack of interest in curling the last few years and the cost of running the ice plant to keep the ice is going to be pretty costly. Our margins are pretty low there for interest compared to the cost." 

Allan said that they put in ice last year, but then they ran into some compressor issues and the maintenance and repairs become a little costly.

"I don't have any numbers in front of me, but I think to run that ice plant is at least $1500 to $2000 a month. So we would need a lot of curlers to bring in that kind of revenue."

He said that each year there have seemed to be fewer and fewer teams entered, with only two teams during the last year with installed ice.

"It'd be the first year ever [this year],  I think, that we haven't put ice in, so it's kind of heartbreaking for a small community."

He said that they'll have to do another vote down the road, put some feelers out there, and see if there's any interest from the community.

"The idea was thrown around to maybe put the ice in for a month or so, maybe have a short season; nothing's been planned so far."

Allan said that there have been mixed feelings from the residents of Creelman: some are saying that if they aren't making money, there's no point in putting the ice in, while others are disappointed that there's no curling in the community, which really hasn't happened in the past.

They are still trying to bring more people into the facility, "we have some teams renting the ice for hockey practice that maybe can't get ice time in Weyburn or other towns. We're thankful for the communities and teams that can come in and practice in our building."