Sometimes there are just too many great photos available, sharing them again helps ensure nobody misses the great stories we publish each week here on Discover Weyburn.

First of all, Saturday, August 20th, the Gifted Art Market was held at Jubilee Park. You can find links below to two other stories, one featuring its own original gallery, but first, here are some more photos from the event we just had to share of some of the art being offered in-person from CollabArtive Studios:



If you didn't get the item you wanted at Gifted, read more HERE.

Find a gallery HERE.

Weyburn is beautiful, as many are aware, but sometimes the early mornings are the best time to capture the most lovely photos.




The above photo is of the highway marker for the late Kailynn Bursic-Panchuk, who passed away in 2018. Her family carries on her legacy by raising funds. Read more HERE.


Here we see new recycling bins being delivered to residences in Area 1. What to do with the other bin? Read more HERE.


Low Brow Barbeque sponsored the last meal of the summer for the Weyburn Salvation Army's Free school lunch program. In all this year they served 3,900 meals. Read more HERE.


And, last but not least, the Water Security Agency gave us the lowdown on the algae in the Souris River. Read more HERE.