While the seasons are shifting, and things are cooling down, the Family Place is starting to heat up its winter fundraisers.

The Festival of Trees is coming back this year, and everything will be completely back to normal.

All the trees will be in one location, in the showroom at Great Plains Ford.

Festival of Trees

"From November 18th to the 24th, we would like to invite the entire community to come on into the Ford showroom and have a look at all the beautiful trees set up," invited Dawn Gutzke, Executive Director of the Family Place.

The trees will be auctioned off on November 24th, with all funds going back to the Family Place. If you want to get involved by decorating and donating a tree, contact the Family Place at (306) 842-7477. 

"We are hoping to have 20-22 trees this year that we will be able to auction off," Gutzke noted.

But what exactly do you put on the tree?

"So, the trees are all very unique and very different, and each one is so special to us. It depends on who's doing it. Some people like to create a really unique idea for the tree some people like to go with the old Christmas tradition. Any tree we get, we love. They're all beautiful, and unique, and special."

Once your tree is organized you can set it up in the Great Plains Ford showroom 

"Set up for the trees is November 14th to the 17th, so Monday to Thursday, you'll be able to come into Ford anytime between their operating hours 9:00 to 6:00, and set your tree up, to be ready for the viewing to open on the 18th. So, if you are able to or willing to help us out with a tree, please call the Family Place just so we have a good idea of the number of trees we have."

A silent online auction wraps up on November 23rd.

"We are also starting to collect our silent auction items," Gutzke shared. "Anyone willing to donate a silent auction item, call us at the Family Place we can come to pick it up for you or drop into the Family Place and drop it off."

The silent auction was a big hit last year 

"Last year we had over 100 silent auction items that were up online for bid they brought in just over 15,000 dollars for us, so the silent auction is a big part of our event. And it will be online again as well."

You can find the Auction link here. 

The auction is nice too as you can pay with a cheque or cash as well when you pick up your item from the Family Place.